Joo chiat food trail part 1 : Kway Guan Huat Popiah & Sha Zah Confectionery

Some Saturdays ago, together with S, we went for a food trail in Joo Chiat. As a westies, I know the east side is filled with delicious food but what I dunno is Joo Chiat on its own is already a food paradise! Beside checking out Xu Jun Sheng (Long ji), Kway Guan Huat (Joo Chiat Popiah & Kueh Pie Tee), Sha Zah Confectionery, Nam San Otah, Lau Hong Ser Rojak, Jia Hui BBQ, Kim Choo kueh chang and Chin Mei Chin confectionery, I have also tried a Vietnamese eatery. Just in case, you think we are 2 gluttony big eaters, we did the food trail in the spread of 2 days lah by checking into Venue hotel (which I will do a review on it soon too).
As for now, I would just like to review on 2 of those that you can chop chop take away without much waiting time starting from the one nearest to the Paya Lebar MRT station ( about 10 mins walk)

Kway Guan Huat (Joo Chiat Popiah & Kueh Pie Tee)
This is store that if you I didn’t open your my eyes big big while you walk, you I would have missed it. Located at the left side of the street, around 2 mins walk after Joo Chiat Complex, is where this humble little shop is. What I like about the popiah here is the popiah skins are homemade and this young chap made the popiah skin with his 铁砂掌(iron hand) bare hand! Kudos to him.
image I ordered a popiah and kueh pie tee set ($4) which comes with 1 standard popiah and 3 kueh pie tee. Kway Guan Huat’s popiah comes in many varieties. For the set we ordered, we have the standard popiah which doesn’t not include egg or prawns. If you like your popiah with prawns and egg, then do order the premium ones.
Overall I like the presentation of the set, simple and pretty, especially the kueh pie tee looks like 3 flowers beside the popiah. Taste wise, I find it rather ordinary. However I like the fact that the radish fillings are coarsely chopped  which resulted to a more juicy mouthful experience which eating it. On top of that, perhaps it’s due to the homemade popiah skin recipe, the thin translucent skin does not break easily as compare to those popiah outside. So I feel that it’s quite a good idea to order those DIY Popiah party set from them during gathering and such. Do give them a try if you happen to be at Joo Chiat area. However if you find Joo Chiat too far, they have an outlet opened at the newly revamped Tangs basement too.
Kway Guan Huat (Joo Chiat Popiah & Kueh Pie Tee)
Address: 95 Joo Chiat Road
Tel: +65 6344 2875
Open 10am to 8pm daily
Closed on Mondays
Sha Zah Confectionery
Just about a stone throw away from the Kway Guan Huat is the famous Sha Zah confectionery. Gosh, they are selling a huge varieties of malay curry puffs!image
Beside the malay puffs and samosa, they are also selling epok epok. Didn’t get to try them as I was rather full after eating my lunch. Thus I only tried the rendang puff as I find the flavour rather uncommon.
The rendeng curry puff ($1.60) is made with flaky pastry and mutton filling. Although the fillings are quite generous, I found the skin a little bit dry and hard when it’s cold. Thus best to eat when it’s piping hot or toast it before you eat it ya.
Sha Zah Confectionery
105 Joo Chiat rd
Tel: +65 6344 6692

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