Nuffnang Lovin’ x Cocktail Fun Event at Bartini Kitchen ( 29 Boon Tat Road)

imageSome tuesday ago , I was invited to my first Nuffnang Lovin’ x Cocktail Fun event which was held at Bartini kitchen. Although it was Nuffnanglovin’ second event, I feel that it was very well organised and I am looking forward to more nuffnanglovin’ events.  =)image
Located in CBD area, Bartini Kitchen is easily access via public transport (wallking distance from Raffles Place & Tanjong Pagar MRT). On top of that, it’s tucked away from the bustle and hustle of the CBD. With its modern european renovation paired with vintage flooring and original artwork by UK-based illustrator Fran Holden creates a very inviting and comfortable atmosphere that’s perfect for all occasions; business lunches, post-work drinks, gathering or even gathering.
We started the night with by getting into a group of 4 bloggers and had Bartini Kitchen’s handsome Cocktail Director,  Barnaby Murdoch, teaching us how to make a good cocktail.
These are some of the cocktails (Bartini Espresso, Pornstar Martini, Fire & Ice, Elderflower Collins, Mojito..etc ) made by us. It was definitely fun and Barnaby has also shared with us some tips on how to make a good cocktail.
Best of all, the group of us won the best looking with our Pornstar Martini which contains a mix of vodka, raspberry liquor, passionfruit, a dash of sugar syrup to balance up the sourness in the drink and serve a shot of Champagne. Feeling so blessed that night and I attributed the success of the the presentation of the drink to my ever growing curiosity  to watch Vincent mixing up cocktails at No. 5 last year. haha.
Congratulation to another group of bloggers who won the best tasting cocktails. Theirs was the Bartini Espresso which I have also tasted some. The martini is strong with the aroma off the coffee and it was really a very smooth drink without the overpowering alcohol smell.image
After the cocktail making session, we were served with a generous feast by Bartini Kitchen. The Retrospective’s legendary Mac & Cheese ($29) was one of my favourite of the night. It was served with lot of ham chucks and topped up with truffles!!! It was really flavourful and though it’s very cheesy but it does not give you a very jelat feel.
Escalope of Pork Parmigianna served with creamy masih ($25)  is the dish of the night that let a group of blogger guessing what type of meat it’s till we verified it. This is definitely a must have here, said by me. As semi-halal (I called myself that as), I was very selective when it comes to pork, hate that porky pig smell but dun mind those that have no porky smell. The pork was soft and tender and the mashed potato was really good too.
Beetroot, spinach and goat cheese salad ($15) is a good to start your meal with. The salad dressing is slight sourish and with beetroots which tasted slightly sweet. It was a good balance. On top of that, the pine nuts added a nutty aromatic finishing to the palate. Nice!!!
Mussels in White Wine & Creamy Sauce ($20) is another dish that was snapped out fast. The mussels was perfectly cooked and very flavourful.
Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Pizza ($17) is rather special here as they are not using the normal white flour to make the dough.
Overall it was a fun filled night with lots of cam whoring, interactions with other bloggers. On top of that, I get to learn something new ~ the art of cocktail making. Best of all, together with nuffnang, Bartini kitchen is giving away a pair of 15% e-vouchers for my dear readers. All you have to do now is the following and the winners of the e-vouchers will be announced on the 15th November. =)
1. Like Bartini Kitchen Facebook Page
2. Like My Facebook Page
3. Leave a comment on my post with your email once you have done 1 & 2.
Bartini Kitchen
29 Boon Tat Street,
Singapore 069624
Mon – Fri: 11:00 am – 12:00 am
Saturday: 10:00am – 3:00pm
6:00pm – 12:00am
Sunday: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

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