Movie review on Thor: The Dark World

Weekends are finally here. For Singaporeans, being on a small island beside food, what other activities seems interesting?
Well I recommend the much awaited movie, Thor. Reason given that it was rather entertaining with lots of humorous exchange between the characters and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is back with the old cast from the previous sequel such as Jane Foster(Natalie Portman), Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Heimball, the 9 realms guardian (Idris Elba) and many others.

The movie started with the Malekith(Christopher Eccleston), the ruler of the Dark elves being defeated by the father of Odin. Then back to the present whereby Thor has peace returned to the 9 realms and Loki was locked in the dungeon.
However the story went on to Jane who has Aether, a source of unlimited power for Malekith, accidentially injected into her body and went disappeared for 5 hours. For this reason, Thor bought her back to Asgard in order to try to save her. image
However the story also went on to how Thor needed Loki’s help to stop Malekith and save HJane and the 9 realms. Can Thor trust Loki? Will the 9 realms be saved? Will the lovebirds (Thor and Jane) be reunited again?
I leave these questions for you to find out. However I do advice you to take this movie more lightly. On top of all the beautiful people and the topless Thor scenes, you will be enjoying with heaps of laughers and a rather senseless surprise. What i can tell you is, the director has brilliantly pathed the way for another sequels with perhaps star wars and other even more interesting materials on the way. I am definitely looking forward on how the next sequel is going to be. So if you are looking for some silly laugher with eye candies, do catch Thor soon. =)
Please don’t slap me if you don’t like the movie as the above are just my personal options and you know perspectives can be very subjective ya. Watch the trailer and decide for yourself. =)
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