Hidden Gem in Science Park II -Blooie’s Roadhouse

blooie's roadhouse
Just 2 days ago, I was invited to OpenRice.com food tasting event at Blooie’s roadhouse at science park 2. Although it is located at science park 2, it is conveniently located! Beside driving there, you can reach there easily via public transport. Just 5 mins walk from the bus stop at Pasir panjang road, you will find this hidden gem. However for those who find it too far to travel to the west, there is another outlet at Siglap.blooie's roadhouseWhen one steps into Blooie’s roadhouse, you will naturally feel very relaxed by the rustic laid back deco. Beside having a bar with pool table on the inside, that is also alfresco dinning facing the pond. What a perfect place for dating and gathering, right?
blooie's roadhouse
blooie's roadhouse
BBQ Beer Butt Chicken $38.80 This is one of the signature in the house, not only is the chicken well marinated with herbs and seasonings. The meat is also very juicy and tender because a can of beer is stuffed up to the chicken butt before the grilling. Thus resulting to a flavourful juicy tender whole chicken.
blooie's roadhouse
BBQ Chicken Wings $13.90 The chicken wings were first deep fried before coating them with BBQ sauce. Initially I was quite hesitant to taste this dish as I am not a big lover of BBQ sauce. However the bbq sauce here is not overly sweet nor have that “weird” artificial smell that a lot of places have. Thus I was rather impressed with the BBQ wings here. On top of that, there is a tinge of spiciness which really made this dish very interesting.
blooie's roadhouse
BLooiE’s Roadhouse Quesadillas $16.90 This is simple cheesy (Mozzarella & Cheddar Cheese) quesadillas served with the salsa sauce, sour cheese and green puree. The cheese wasn’t too overwhelming and the quesadillas go really well with the condiments.
blooie's roadhouse
Cobb Salad $15.80 This is a very appetizing salad with diced avocado, tomatoes, eggs, diced chicken, bacon bits and blue cheese. As blue cheese is an acquired taste, at Blooie’s it was thoughtful being put on top thus if you don’t like the cheese, you can always have the option to omit it. =)
blooie's roadhouse
Pepperoni Pizza $22.90 Although this pizza looks ordinary, it is really delicious. I like the fact it was a thin crust pizza with the sides being crisply done.
blooie's roadhouse
N.Z. StripLoin Steak $29.80 Not only is the steak thick and juicy, the vegetables are beautifully sauteed with flavours and the mash potato (made of real potato and not powdered ones)is really yummy as well. On top of that, you have the choice of black pepper sauce and mushroom sauce to go with the steak. I have tasted both the sauces and they are so good that I still can’t decide which is better. The black pepper sauce is thick and flavourful with rich peppery taste while the mushroom sauce is really creamy with heaps of sliced mushrooms.
blooie's roadhouse
Blackened Dory $18.90 This is my favourite dish of the night. The dory is very well marinated and it is really soft and tender that it literally melt in my mouth. It tasted as good with and without the garlic sauce and I highly recommended this dish for all fish lovers!!
blooie's roadhouse
BLooiE’s Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger $16.90 The home made beef patty was thick and tender. However this dish can be quite messy to eat as the mushroom sauce oozes out of the burger. But this is rather value for money as the portion is quite big. I think it is good for 2 girls to share one serving.
blooie's roadhouse
Molten Chocolate Cake $6.80 This is just the most divine way to end the lovely night. The lava chocolate cake is made of 75% dark chocolate thus you can be guranteed of a rich chocolatey taste with an aftertaste of slight bitterness. Definitely a die-die-must-order dessert!!!
blooie's roadhouse
Once again, thanks a lot to OpenRice.com for the lovely food tasting invitation to Blooie’s Roadhouse. If not I would have missed such a lovely restuarant in the west!

Blooie’s RoadHouse (West Coast Branch)
21 Science Park Road The Aquarius #01-01
Singapore 117628
Tel:+65 67750446,+65 64446311
Fax: +65 67750937
Email: enquiries@blooies.com

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