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Everything you need to know about Singapore Coffee Festival (SCF) 2016

Updates subsequent to my initial post –

After the publish of my post, I have kept an “watchful” eye over social media spaces for peep’s live updates of the festival. It seems like despite the great gather of exhibitors and interesting booths, less could be said about the human traffic and logistics, eg. Long queues and use of plastic bags for beverages when supply of paper cups run short, and the list goes on. Perhaps the overwhelming crowd was not anticipated for this Singapore’s first ever Coffee Festival. Despite the negative comments on this event for the few days after my visit, I would still be keen to attend the same event next time if they decide to hold a second one.

Coffee fest 2016-3
Coffee lovers and cafe hoppers, please fall in! The Singapore Coffee Festival (SCF) 2016, Singapore’s first coffee centric festival, is here! The four-day SCF 2016 is organised by Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd – the events and exhibitions arm of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) and has MORE than 100 exhibitors including leaders and pioneers from Singapore’s coffee and lifestyle scene. So here I am to share with you everything you need to know about the event, from ticketing to parking and what are some of the interesting things to look out for!

Coffee fest 2016-2
The Singapore Coffee Festival is located at The F1 Pit Building (1 Republic Blvd, Singapore 038975) and occupies the space on levels 2 and 3. It is open from 11am to 9pm from 9 June to 12 June 2016.
2. Getting there
Coffee fest 2016
The best place to park your car if you are driving is to park at the multi-storey car park opposite, the Singapore Flyer carpark as the parking fee is $10 for the carpark in front of F1 Pit Building! Nearest MRT is Promenade MRT Station and alternatively you can also GRAB there.
3. Ticketing
Coffee fest 2016-5
VIP Tickets
DBS Exclusive VIP Standard: S$38
VIP Standard: S$43

General Tickets
DBS Exclusive Standard: S$15
Standard: S$18

DBS Exclusive Group (includes 4 standard tickets): S$38
Group (includes 4 standard tickets): $44

DBS Exclusive 3-Day: S$28
DBS Exclusive VIP 3-Day: S$85
4. Photo Wall
Coffee fest 2016-7
After the ticketing, there is a photo wall where by you can take pictures if you want. Remember to be snappy as you would not want to block people’s way in =)
5. Level 2 – Coffee, espresso cup and coffee brewing apparatus
Coffee fest 2016-9
Coffee fest 2016-8
Coffee fest 2016-10
Coffee fest 2016-13
Coffee fest 2016-18
Coffee fest 2016-21
Coffee fest 2016-15
Coffee fest 2016-12
Once you head in, it is like a coffee lover’s paradise where by you can find anything from cold drip coffee apparatus to espresso cup and coffee machine. Yes, you get to taste some coffee as well. But do not get overcaffeinated, there is a specialty coffee section that you do not want to miss!
6. Level 2 – Specialty Coffee Zone
Coffee fest 2016-22
Coffee fest 2016-24
Coffee fest 2016-26
Coffee fest 2016-25
Yes, coffee in all variants are available in this zone. OF cause you need to pay to try them lah. But you can choose from coffee that sparkles (Gold brew from Dapper Coffee) to hand brew coffee and espresso based coffee (latte, cappuccino, flat white and espresso).
7. Coffee Roasters from Japan
Coffee fest 2016-44
Coffee fest 2016-42
Coffee fest 2016-45
This is perhaps one of my favourite area where I have tasted a very juicy and delicious cuppa. There is a sample set of 3 cups of filtered coffee from different origins for $8 and the coffee beans are for sale too. I have bought 3 bags of 100g of coffee beans for $35. Can’t wait to have them!
8. Of chocolate, nuts and chips
Coffee fest 2016-28
Coffee fest 2016-30
Coffee fest 2016-34
Coffee fest 2016-39
It is not just all about coffee, spotted a few stalls selling chocolate, nuts and chips. Yes, Golden Duck Salted Egg Yolk Chips are found here too!
9. Cafe hopping at 1 spot
Coffee fest 2016-51
Coffee fest 2016-92
Coffee fest 2016-98
Coffee fest 2016-56
Coffee fest 2016-58
Coffee fest 2016-62
Coffee fest 2016-59
Coffee fest 2016-65
Coffee fest 2016-68
Coffee fest 2016-99
Yes, cafe hopping at 1 spot. We have spotted Antoinette, Buck tile St. Cafe, Two bakers, Hyde & Co, Cream and Custard, Coffee Daily, Symmetry and so many other cafe featuring many of their signatures here. Don’t forget to try the Coffee Pork Chop Bun from Antoinette and Coffee Satay from Coffee Daily! These are exclusively served only during the Coffee Festival! Salted egg croissant and chilli crab croissant from Antoinette are sold here too! If you are lucky, you might meet Chef Pang who is the guy behind all the beautiful creations from Antoinette. =)
10. More Coffee or Something Alcoholic?
Coffee fest 2016-49
Coffee fest 2016-50
Coffee fest 2016-63
Coffee fest 2016-68
Coffee fest 2016-59
Coffee fest 2016-94
Besides coffee, you can also find a few exhibitors featuring different kind of beers and alcoholic beverages. Well, if you are looking for more coffee, there are alcoholic coffee as well. =D
11. Nanyang Coffee?
Coffee fest 2016-47
For Nanyang coffee lovers, you are not forgotten as well. Killiney coffee is there to satisfy your nanyang coffee craving!
12. Shiseido Beauty Counter
Coffee fest 2016-71
Ladies, there is a Shiseido counter at the Singapore Coffee Festival as well. Please drop by if you can as the peeps from Shiseido has specially imported some Shiseido Parlour Cheese cake and Ganache all the way from the Shiseido cafe in Ginza, JAPAN. Try them if you can as they are not available in Singapore any other time!
13. Time to shop
Coffee fest 2016-90
Coffee fest 2016-89
Coffee fest 2016-88
Coffee fest 2016-86
Coffee fest 2016-81
Coffee fest 2016-83
Coffee fest 2016-77
Coffee fest 2016-73
Coffee fest 2016-75
There is also a lifestyle section where you can find anything from dresses to bags, accessories to handphone covers and potteries from Thailand.
Coffee fest 2016-54
There will also be Lab Sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday run by Common Man Coffee Roasters, the Straits Times,and Bettr Barista which will cover workshops on all things coffee, such as Latte Art and Fundamental Barista Skills; panel discussions with champion baristas as well as women in the industry; and seminars on finance, photography, and more. On top of the practical workshops and coffee appreciation talks, visitors can interact with and listen to prominent Straits Times journalists via various engaging forums and chat sessions.
15. Instagram/ OOTD worthy spots
Coffee fest 2016-97
Coffee fest 2016-67
Coffee fest 2016-103
Don’t we all like to take pictures, All the welfie and selfie lovers will be delighted to know that there are several very pretty spots around the Singapore Coffee Festival. They are so instagram worthy that I can’t help but to take a OOTD (outfit of the day) too. Even the McCafe looks so pretty!

All in all, I think this is a very interesting event which is worth going to spend a day of fun with several friends or your loved ones. Do share with me if you feel the same too. For more details, you can hop on to Singapore Coffee Festival’s website

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