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Skechers Grand Opening @ Bugis

8th November must be a great day for Opening. Besides Robinsons having a soft opening at the newly revamped Heere, Bugis has also opened its door to the shoppers on its newly renovated level 2 & 3. The revamped wing, part of where BHG used to be, is now more vibrant and interesting with the infusion of a new eatery and many other retail shops. On top of that, there are also seating area on level 3 for the shoppers to rest their feets. How sweet is that, right? On the 8th November, the spotlights were all placed on Skechers Grand Opening. There were so many people there, both the media and public, children and adults!

Beside having a heap discount on the footwear, Skechers has also invited Ben ( Typicial Ben) and  Rachell tan, the Skechers ambassadors, to the events. Many of their fans were elated and I saw a long line q-ing just to take a photo with them.
When the line dwindled, I also joined in the queue. Haha. Rachell was really pretty and petite while Ben has the complexion that I think all most girls die to have!
Actually before this opening event, I always thought that skechers is just a sport brand with very comfortable sport shoes. However to my surprise, they also have very wide range of footwear that you can pair with when you are going shopping or just catching up with friends.
Especially when nowadays DIY is very much into trend to create an unique individual identity. Just like what Ben and Rachell have done to the skechers shoes. Don’t you think is very creative and filled with characters?
One of the range from Skechers that really caught my eyes are the SKCH +3, especially the SKCH +3 ~ Raise your glass. What so special about range is there is an embeded 3 inches heels in these sporty chic sneaker. On top of that, inspired by Rachell, I can immediately think of ways to DYI beautify the shoes to create something that is so “me”.
Best of all, beside being 3 inches taller, I can think of so many occasion that I can pair the shoes, with shorts and a pullover while going to the library, with skinny jeans and tee while catching up with friends or even with jeans and a racer back top during the weekends for a casual yet chic look.
(Photo Credit to Skechers Facebook)
Another range that caught my eyes is the night owl series. What so special about this range is that the unique innovative idea of using photoluminescent technology, which produces an intense glow effect in low light or darkness. So now peeps, you can rest assured that when you jog at night or very early morning ( before dawn) that you are very safe!!! At least drivers who can’t see you in the low light/ no light will not bang can see you now, cool right? I was so excited when i see this pair of shoes and I am so going to get it once it is out which is on the 22nd November, if I am not wrong. Can’t wait!!! =D
By the way, there is also a “Oh,My Favourite SKECHERS!” campaign running now for Singapore Nuffnang bloggers that you can win a pair of your very own Skechers. Check it on Nuffnang’s blog.
That’s all for today.

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