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Gonpachi Ramen: Affordable Ramen Stall near Kovan MRT

During a wet and rainy days, ramen seems to be one of the best option for me. However, it is kind of difficult to find a ramen shop that sells ramen that is easy on the pocket in Singapore. Hence, I was rather elated when I stumbled upon this newly open ramen shop in Kovan. Along the stretch where Hatter Street and Nakhon Kitchen are located (212 Hougang street 21), Gonpachi Ramen serves ramen with a price tag of not more than $8. Yes, ALL ramen are priced between $7 to $7.80. Stay with me as I share more about Gonpachi Ramen.

Gonpachi Ramen-6

When J saw the menu, she was saying that the price is quite competitive. Well, I can’t agreed more. How often do you find canned drinks at $1.60 and sides at $4 per servings, right?

Gonpachi Ramen-5

While the interior deco might be simple, I am glad that at least there is air condition.

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While J had the Miso Kakuni Ramen, I had the Shoyu Bai Ling Mushroom Ramen. The base of all the ramen broth is using the Tonkotsu and Chicken Broth and enhanced with collagen (yay to diong diong skin!!) but I heard that more variety will be coming out soon. The bowls of ramen were decent and the ingredients were considered generous given for the amount charged. Personally, I like the miso one more as the Kakuni melt in the mouth and the broth was not so heavy handed on salt.

Gonpachi Ramen


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For those who like to try something more interesting, you can order the Smoked Duck Chashu Ramen or the Seven Wonder Ramen which a fellow foodie considered them as reasonably priced. Oh yes, remember to order a seasoned egg to go with your ramen. They were well marinated and the cooking of the egg were quite on point! Runny yolk in the middle was a big big love!

Gonpachi Ramen-4


Gonpachi Ramen-8

One should not miss the side dishes when you are at Gonpachi. Some of the sides are like Green Tea Smoked Duck with Passionfruit Vinaigrette, Char-grill Lemongrass Chicken Salad, Baby Squid and Fried Tofu. J and I thought that the sides fare better than the ramen. We like how flavoursome and crispy the golden crust which enveloped the tofu were. In bite size cubes, this could be one of the best dishes to go with beer. hahaha

Gonpachi Ramen-11

The next time when you are near Kovan and craving for something hot and soupy, do give Gonpachi Ramen a try and share with me what do you think about them! Must support local since this is a ramen shop open by a Singaporean. hehehe

Gonpachi Ramen
212 Hougang Street 21, #01-329 Singapore 530212
Tel: +65 6584 1943
Operating Hours: Mon ~ Sun 11:30am – 02:30pm,
05:30pm – 11:00pm
Closed on Wed except for Public Holiday

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