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Food Review: TomYum Lobster – Abb Zabb at Golden Mile Complex

I have always craved for the Lobster Tom Yum noodles from Bangkok’s famed P’ Aor Kuaytiew Tom Yum Goong whenever I am in Thailand. It was almost a dream come true when this dish was finally brought in to Singapore at the newly opened TomYum Lobster- Abb Zabb at Golden Mile Complex.
Owned by a Singaporean and his Thai wife, the duo decided to start this food outlet after they managed to convince the winner of the Tom Yum soup championship held at Bangkok’s Baiyoke Tower to impart them his recipe. Hence the high level of confidence they displayed when waxing lyrical about their soup at Abb Zabb.Indeed, after trying a few sips, the Tom Yum soup here was by far the most soulful concoction I have tried. It was punchy with the right level of spiciness. Shiok! As the soup base for their noodle soup dishes, I was given choices from several combinations, and there was an option of the straight glass noodles or the curly instant noodles.

The most luxe version, at $38 came with one whole Boston lobster, abalone slices, scallops, squid, mussels and a perfectly cooked half-boiled egg. The lobster came with roes and was sweet and juicy. Although this was a serving meant for 2, I can easily gobble down this entire bowl.
If $38 seems like a hefty price tag to you, there are also two other cheaper alternatives that are equally good. The deluxe version, at $15 came with half a lobster with the same assorted seafood without the abalone slices.

The economy version which is the cheapest, at $6 came with a river prawn, the same assorted seafood without the scallops nor the abalone slices.

If you are not a fan of seafood, an economy minced pork version is also available.

Apart from Tom Yum soup noodles, their raw Fresh Oysters with chilli condiments ($12), as well as the Thai Basil Chicken Kuay Tiew ($6) were crowd favourites that have won the hearts of my fellow companions. These dishes are also not commonly found in Thai restaurants in Singapore, not even in Golden Mile Complex. Worth a visit!

TomYum Lobster – Abb Zabb
5001 Beach Road #02-01 Golden Mile Complex Singapore 199588
Tel: +65 8666 6675
Operating Hours: 12pm-9pm daily

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