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Food Review – GRUB Noodle Bar @ Rangoon Road

From the same guys behind Grub (Bishan Park) & FIX Cafe (Ah Hood Road), Grub Noodle Bar is a brand new concept of a chill out supper bar opening today (16th October 2014) at Rangoon Road. I was very blessed to be invited to the media preview together with Derrick, Hazel, Philip, Vivienne and Maureen.

The renovation adopted open concept kitchen with clean uncluttered seating. Something that wowed me is the ventilation of the kitchen. Despite serving a number of deep fried food to us, I left the place without smelling like a walking tempura.
Mexican coka cola is served here. The difference between the usual coke is the usage of sugar cane instead of fermented sugar. Personally I find that they taste similar. Lol
Beside offering bottled beers, German draught beers are serving here as well in 330ml ($12 to $14) and 500ml($14).

Instead of the usual salad, kang kong salad ($7) is served here. Tossed with achar (Nonya Spicy Pickled Vegetables) and house dressing, this is definitely a dish worth trying. Not only it is appetizing, it has this crunchiness in the midst of the spicness and sourness.

Soft Shell Crab ($13) is served with mayo and house dressing. While retaining the soft shell crab’s natural sweetness, the batter is flavourful. I am sure this dish is going to be a hot favourite!
Baby cuttlefish ($9) is served with basil pesto mayo. The basil pesto mayo compliments with the dish and make it a nice starter to have.
The chicken drumlets ($9) is well seasoned and coated with curry leaves, garlic and sesame seeds. IMO it is good to go with some beer.

Hokkaido scallop tataki ($15) is one of my favourite of the night. The scallop is sliced thinly and served with mustard glaze and mandarin orange segments. The freshness and sweetness of the scallop which totally reminded me of scallop sashimi! Yet there is a burst of flavour in the mouth when you eat it with the mandarin orange segment and mustard glaze. Mega love love!!!

Steamed in sake, garlic and ginger, the Live tiger prawns ($15) is another of my favourite. Not only is the prawns fresh and sweet, the sake gravy is heavenly. How I wish that there is a few slice of bread to go with it!
Venus Clams ($13) is sauteed in beer, ginger and lemongrass broth. Although the taste of the lemongrass is not very distinctive, the freshness of the clams is enough to make it a fantastic dish to have.
As a beef lover, I like the beef noodle here. The fresh egg noodle is ordered from this supplier who freshly make the noodle every morning. It is then served with GRUB Noodle Bar’s house sauce, 100% meatballs, minced beef and mushroom stew. The end product is a bowl of flavourful and chewy beef noodle!
On top of that, it comes with a bowl of beef broth and your preferred choice of beef such as brisket ($12), rump ($15), angus sirloin ($17) and ribeye ($19).  Made from beef bones and vegetables that have been boiled for hours, the beef broth is definitely a comfort food for rainy days. It totally reminds me of the beef noodle soup that I had in Taiwan but a milder version with lesser oil. IMO the beef noodles set is super value for money and the portion is good enough to share for 2 ladies if you are ordering some appetizers. 
The beef noodles also come with this specially concocted chinchalok chilli sauce. This is really perfect to go with the beef!
Assam Laksa ($13) is served with prawns, fresh cucumber, pineapple crunks and fish gravy. Personally I feel that this is one of the better Assam Laksa that I tasted. It is a bowl of well balanced flavours – sweet, sour and spicy, both addictive and appetising! As somebody who loves my greens, I think it can be even better with more shredded cucumber, pineapple and mint leaves.
With the opening of GRUB Noodle Bar, there is 1 more option to chill out while having some decent food at night. I am definitely looking forward to dropping by for more beef noodles and Hokkaido scallop tataki. On the side note, the interesting wall mural at the entrance is drawn by local famous illustrator, eeshaun.
GRUB Noodle Bar
221 Rangoon Road Singapore 218459
Operating hours: 7pm to 12.30am (Closed on Monday & last Tuesday of the month)
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