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Dilmah Tea Inspired Awards x Seven7h Cucina

Tea lovers of Dilmah Tea, rejoice! Besides pairing your Dilmah with cakes and bakes, Dilmah Tea Inspired Awards is back again! Not only can you get to try different cuisines that are specially created to pair with Dilmah Tea, you will be able to find Dilmah Tea infused dishes in any of the participating cafes and casual restaurants. Running from 1st June to 31st July, besides getting your tea inspired experiences, you stand a chance to win fabulous prizes as well!

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Because of Dilmah Tea Inspired Awards, I have chanced upon Seven7h Cucina which is located near Novena MRT. I was inspired to try this place among the rest as I have never tried a halal italian bistro before and from Seven7h Cucina’s facebook, I realised that Chef Firdauz is an experienced chef who has worked with many great chef such Chef Christopher Millar, Chef Kentaro Torii and Chef Logan Campbell. Hence, I was rather excited to try the food here.

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For the Dilmah Tea Inspired Awards, Chef Firdauz has created a menu consisted of a main, dessert and mocktail ($37.70).

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A refreshing mocktail made using Pistachio Almond Tea Jelly, Blackcurrant Coulis (aka puree), Elegant Earl Grey Tea and Aqua Panna was the first to be served. I like how the prominent notes of blackcurrant that came through which made it a great thirst quencher for Singapore sweltering weather. However, my dining partner who doesn’t like much acidity in his diet, found it to be a drink more suitable for the ladies.

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When the main, a seafood cartaccio, was served, our first reaction were the serving was rather generous for the price tag! Besides Seabass fillet, Tiger Prawns and Octopus, there are Black Mussels and a medley of vegetable. On top of that, it was served with warm foccacio toasts! However, the portion was not the only thing that impressed us. We like how fresh each and every of the ingredients were and the lobster broth gave it a good savoury balance to the dish.

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For dessert, we have Almond Sponge with Mascarpone, Pistachio, Mint Green Tea Choclate Salsa and Berry Tea Tuile paired with Berry Sensation, Calamasco and Carbonated Jelly.

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It was rather a great experience at Seven7h Cucina and I would definitely be back to try more. I am already eyeing on several items! lol
Besides Seven7h Cucina, there are many restaurants that have participated as well. Just to name a few, some of the familiar names are like Antoinette, Fix Cafe, Do.Main Bakery & Cafe, Open Farm Community, Non Entrée Desserts among many others. Don’t forget to check them out and give your support to your favourite eateries/ restaurants and stand a chance to win a 3 days 2 nights stay for 2 people at a suite in M Social Hotel in Singapore. For more information, you can hop on to Dilmah Tea Inspired Awards’ website

Seven7h Cucina
#01-02 Novena regency 275 Thomson Road Singapore 307645
Tel: +65 6493 2134
Operating Hours: 11am to 4pm, 5pm to 10.30pm Daily

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