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Celebrate Love with ATACHE

Happy Valentine’s Day, peeps! While those who are attached were celebrating this special occasion, let us all who are single rejoice too. I always love Valentine’s day be whether I am single or attached. Reason given that there are always heaps of sales and promotions during this season of love. So singles like me, don’t feel sad or gloomy. Let’s make use of this time to pamper ourselves!One of the Valentine’s day special is the facial treatment from ATACHE. Best of all, it is available for both HIM and HER. I was very blessed to be able to experience it with Grace, the chef trainer of ATACHE to help me to do the facial.The location of the facial was set at Icon Village Mall #01-68, Beauty Qlinic. For those who feel that tanjong pager is too far for you to travel, fret not as there is more than 30 locations for you to choose from. Simply contact BeauLAB SEA (exclusive distributor of ATACHE) at (65) 6316 3168 to find out more.  =)

I was brought to a cosy little room for my facial treatment after a short consultation. What I like about this place is, it is a proper partition room unlike some of the beauty salon I went to which adopted curtain concept. At least I feel comfortable here. And best of all, the air con here is not too cold.  =)

I am quite surprised that after Grace has removed my makeup using ATACHE facial cleansing gel, my skin has become fairer and softer!

Something unique about this facial is there is no extraction and a lot of massage techniques have been used. Thus the whole 45 minutes treatment is really very relaxing and painless! On top of that, after the facial, my skin feel softer, smoother and even more dewy. =)

ATACHE Skin Care Brand is actually a Spanish brand developed by the pharmaceutical group ASAC PHARMA. The group has more than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical field, with a strategic focus on Dermatology and allergies.
Its main forte lies in the research and investigation of active ingredients originating from European and American medicinal plants. In fact, ASAC owns cultivation fields in Central America, which allows for a tight control on quality plants, from seeding, harvesting, processing of extracts, and manufacturing the finished product. They do not experiment with animals, and strive to preserve the environment throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. On top of that, the product lines are made for specific skin care needs.
Currently the special promotion is
Choose from either Oily SK treatment or Soft Derm Therapy and enjoy @ $129 per session (UP $280 per session)
On top of that, receive a FREE Soft Derm cream with SPF 8 worth $115. 

Promo ends 28th February 2014. Call (65) 6316 3168 now to pamper yourself or your loved ones. =D

Photo Credit : BeauLAD SEA

ATACHE OILY SK treatment combines active ingredients for effective deep cleansing and to balance localized sebaceous secretion. The ingredients aid in healing, anti – inflammation and restoration of skin moisture.
Pores are cleansed and detoxed for a breather in this purifying facial therapy. Using soothing essential oils, salicylic acid, glycolic acid as well as Shock Serums which contain highly active ingredients concentration, it is to prepare the skin for better and effective absorption of the purifying mask formulated using Zinc oxide, Menthyl lactate, Allantoin.
OILY SK  treatment helps to give the skin a matte, healthy and fresh look after treatment.

Photo Credit : BeauLAD SEA

SOFT DERM FACIAL THERAPY – a wholesome treatment suitable for all skin types where you would
get to revel in soft, protected skin free from irritation; reinforcing its evenness and boosts its skin defenses. Skin is soothed, repaired and protected. Products used are formulated with careful selected ingredients such as thermal water, aloe Vera, seaweed extract, jojoba oil and avocado oil; to ensure that skin is well taken of. Pores are instantly minimized and skin is soothed and calmed. Say goodbye to tired, dull and exhausted skin – the usual look of a harried urbanista. Revel in glowing, radiant and healthy skin!

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