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Lazada Surprise Box

With the advancement of technology, shopping online has become a breeze for many. More than often, not only we save time but also money by shopping at the right time! But when is the right time to shop? Fret not, as I am going to share with you the best time to shop this month with greater savings assured, especially if you are shopping on Lazada!…

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Movie Review: Get Out

今年2017的奥斯卡9部最佳影片提名上,有关美国黑人的电影就占了3部,其中的《Moonlight》更荣获最佳影片,男女配角这两个大奖也归黑人演员获得。有评论说这届奥斯卡是想摆出个政治正确的姿态来打脸川普大帝,套用《Get Out》里的一句台词“Black is in fashion”(黑色正时尚),总的来说,似乎近来的黑人电影非常有看头,十分走俏。…

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