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Beauty Review: Hair Colouring service @ The Comb (Sponsored)

Exciting things are happening at Gemmill lane! With a change of tenants, besides new F&B outlets, The Comb, a Korean hair salon has taken over the previous Japanese salon. I was invited to try out the hair services in my birthday month.

Besides the product display and the service area, there is a waiting area. Best of all, with a rack of different magazines, you can be sure your friend/ mister/ boyfriend are entertained while you are having your hair serviced.It is very common to see hair salon serving beverages to their customers. But how often do you see a drinks menu in a salon? Besides offering Nespresso coffee, there is orange juice and even a selection of TWG tea availble!I always feel that service is a huge part of any hair salon and I am so glad to tell you that the peeps at The Comb has walked the extra mile. If the beverage menu didn’t impress you, how about apron with sleeves? At least, I can check my social media without my hands having any difficulties finding their way out of the apron! =)

After the consultation with my hairstylist of the day, Henry, we proceeded to dye my hair. I wanted something without any red tone and does not make my crown of glory looking dry and unhealthy. To be frank, I knew that I have given Henry a big headache. lol
During my little chat with Henry, I got to find out that he was from China but has been working in Korea for the past 8 years. So for anybody who likes to practice your korean language while doing your hair, you know where to go and who to go to ah. To be frank, I am very impressed with Henry’s hair colouring skill. He was really skillful and I could hardly feel any hair dye touching my scalp. On top of that, he has good knowledge about hair and hair services. *thumbs up*
Something unique about the wash stations here is that the seats are in sitting position instead of laying down position. Personally I like this better as I am more comfortable with sitting upright (well sometimes the washing of hair can take quite a while…).
After the hair wash, Henry proceeded to help trim away my dry ends while maintaining my hair length as I have requested. The whole hair colouring and hair trimming took about 2 hours. However with Henry’s friendly and chatty persona, times flies.

Before my hair colouring and hair triming, the roots of my hair are already growing out and the ends were dry and “qiao-ing” which made it looked a bit unkempt.Thanks to Henry, I got my desired colour and with the dry ends trimmed away, my hair look more healthy too.

1 week later
3 weeks later

Usually I gauge a good hair colouring service by how the colour transform after several hair washes. Besides receiving comments on how this colour compliments me and make me look younger. I like the fact that the colour remains vibrant.

1 month later
1 month later and still counting, I am still loving my hair colour! Thank you The Comb for the media invite and Henry for doing such a great job for my hair!!! For anyone who loves to feel good and look pretty, look no further! Do give The Comb a try!
The Comb
12 Gemmil Lane Singapore 069252
Operating Hours: Mon – Sat 10am to 8pm
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